Hi there - I'm a journalist and social media curator

I prefer broadcast reporting and other forms of integrated communication but I also have a nostalgic love for print news.  

My Services

I like to cover hard-hitting news stories like political issues, crime, elections, new laws being passed, county council meetings, and other issues that heavily impact the lives of community members but I think it’s also important to feature softer news stories such as the grand opening of a new small business in town. I have also done more marketing and PR-focused jobs like managing social media accounts for organizations to increase engagement. I absolutely love communicating with people whether that be through public speaking, print, radio, television, or social media.

About Me

The midlands area of South Carolina is home for me so I have a special place in my heart for covering news from that region. I like to cover news stories that bring awareness to those in rural and underrepresented communities to help solve the problems that everyday people face. I grew up in a small town that lacked many resources and I've always believed that people have a fundamental right to be informed about what goes on in their community. I aim to help under-served communities like the one I call home. 

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis